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G. Edward Griffin At Red Pill Expo 2018_PART ONE

Elias Alias - 2018-06-26

M2U01347 *Part Two is here -- youtu.be/rsb57kVqyFk G. Edward Griffin closes the exciting weekend of conferencing known as the Red Pill Expo. This event was at Spokane, Washington. Dates of the conference are June 21, 22, and 23, 2018. Location was the Spokane Conference Center in downtown. Please accept my apology for the horrid camera work, and especially for my coughing fits which mar this video record of Mr. Griffin's speech. This speech is much too important to miss, so I am posting it for the time being until Mr. Griffin's video staff produces the video record of the entire Red Pill Expo 2018. When that is released, (which could take some time), viewers can purchase it and see this outstanding presentation without the flaws in my raw footage above. Red Pill Expo 2018 Website -- redpillexpo.org/ Red Pill University Website -- redpilluniversity.org/