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Dan Fishman-Executive Director Libertarian Party

The Coalition Radio POTaxpayer - 2019-05-16

Source: Fresh off his groundbreaking run for Massachusetts State Auditor-Receiving endorsements from National Publications, newly appointed Libertarian Party Executive Director Dan Fishman joined The Coalition Talk Radio! We discussed his goals, objectives, assessments of the LP, while giving us a sense of the new direction we can expect to see in management ... fund raising ... Yup, the Important Stuff! Friday Night - May 9 8PM Eastern Time @ Got a question for Dan? Tweet It To: @Coalition_Radio #DanTheMan 'My most memorable personal experience with Dan was being corralled in a free speech cage nearly a mile away from the rigged 2016 presidential debate at Hofstra University in New York, where he was representing the campaign of Gov. Gary Johnson and Gov. Bill Weld as north east director. His remarks that day showed a mix of good humor and political savvy that is key for success as a Libertarian. Seeing him speak since then shows that he has an ability to communicate our message with passion and empathy in a way that can reach audiences where they really make their political decisions: in their heart.' Nicholas Sarwark -National Chair The Coalition Talk Radio, an independent production on the GoLocalLive Network, broadcasts live on Friday Nights, from 6-9PM @ or Outrage Porn Free Civilly Disobedient Media! Twitter @Coalition_Radio Podcast Home @ Support Our First Ever Coalition-A-Thon Perhaps A Small Donation @ ? Sponsored By: Yacht Club Soda Serve Yacht Club Soda. For Over 100 Years, The Distinctive Flavors Of Yacht Club Have Graced Rhode Island's Finest Tables Air Sciences Improving The Health Of Your Indoor Environment. Mold Remediation Throughout Rhode Island & Massachusetts Beacon Shipping & Logistics Nationwide Door to Door Reliable Auto Transportation! Please subscribe to our new YouTube Channel for the Latest! in Coalition Programming EVENING TALK RADIO LIVES ON! The Coalition Talk Radio 2.0 Live! On The GoLocalLive Media Network Watch On: Friday's From 6-9PM Loud & Proud ... Outrage Porn Free ... Civilly Disobedient Radio Call Us! Vent! Consider Us Your Radio Intervention ... (401) 441 6515 Rebroadcasts @ Pls 'Like' The Coalition Pls 'Follow' The Coalition Pls 'Subscribe' Coalition YouTube