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295 - Debbie Gibson "Satan Worshiper" - Multi FX junk - 66 Jaguar w/ Mike Adams - Wildlife Deterrent

60 Cycle Hum - 2019-10-07

Podcast brought to by: Sweetwater - Click this link to enter to win a mega podcasting rig from Sweetwater!: bit.ly/356oe2t D'addario XT Strings (daddario.com/xt-strings/) Chase Bliss Audio (htttps://chaseblissaudio.com) In this week's episode Ryan talks about getting the Boss KATANA II. Steve talks about the bass kit he bought from Gunstreet Wiring Shop Picture Time! - imgur.com/a/InBN7NM 1. This guy 2. Why don't we see more single boxes with EQ, Comp and Noise Gate? 3. 66 Jag with Mike Adams 4. What song would be a great wildlife deterrent? 5. Session Man II - Electric Boogalo This week's song was sent by Jonathan Diaz from the Effects Loop Podcast and is called 'May Contain Great Information' (theeffectsloop.podbean.com/) Support this show: patreon.com/60CycleHumcast Buy Something on Reverb: reverb.grsm.io/60cyclehum Connect with us: Facebook: facebook.com/groups/60cyclehum/ Instagram and Twitter @60cyclehum Want to demo with us? 60cyclehumcast.com/marketing-packages/ Cables by Sinasoid: sinasoid.com