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"YOUR WELCOME" Ep. 032 - On the Fence - Tom Woods

Michael Malice - 2019-01-03

On this episode of 'YOUR WELCOME' with Michael Malice, it's a return appearance by friend of the show Tom Woods. Tom is a bestselling author and host of the 'The Tom Woods Show' and 'Contra Krugman' podcasts. Listen as they talk about Tom's reasoning behind becoming an anarchist, the effects of cultural imperialism on society and the fundamental differences in what channels inspiration. Books by Tom Woods The Church and the Market: Real Dissent: Rollback: The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History: Meltdown: Nullification: The Church Confronts Modernity: Go to for the brand new 'YOUR WELCOME' show t-shirts and mugs! Use promo code 'YWMM' for a free 14 day trial to the network at